Cubs Meet Olympic Gold Medallist!

On the 28th January, Bathampton Cubs has the pleasure of having Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams MBE join them for their evening! Amy competed for Great Britain in the Skeleton at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where she won her gold medal. Growing up in Bath, she told leaders that visiting the pack reminded her of her time in Brownies as a child and brought back some fond memories.

The Cubs had prepared a variety of questions for Amy, covering topics from how she got started in her Skeleton career to what its like travelling the world for sport. The Cubs got to watch the 2010 footage of Amy’s Olympic victory, and were visibly shocked and inspired by the speed and skill needed to be successful in the sport. Some members of the pack have set their sights on one day representing Britain in the Olympics, and they felt encouraged by Amy’s story and her honesty about the hard work needed to reach the top level.









After spending some time talking to Amy, the Cubs got to see some of her sports gear that she wore when competing and training. Some lucky Cubs also got to try on the full outfit of the body suit, gloves and helmet! Everyone was surprised at how tight the suit was on a Cub when Amy had to wear it as an adult. Amy explained that the suit had to be tight to minimise drag as she was travelling down the ice tracks at up to 92 mph!

At the end of the evening, the Cubs had the privilege of seeing Amy’s gold medal and learning about the meaning of the Orca Whale symbol engraved on the front. Amy explained that to aboriginal Canadians, Orca Whales represented strength and athleticism. Amy also brought along the Olympic torch that she carried at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

All the Cubs were very grateful to Amy for taking time out of her busy schedule to come and meet them. Everyone had an amazing time, and we look forward to seeing her in the future! To find out more about how you can join the adventure in Bathampton, get in touch here!


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