Scouts Enjoy Bushcraft Award Camp

Bathampton Scouts have just returned from their annual Summer Camp in Dorset. The 10-14 year olds spent 4 nights camping at Norden Farm on the outskirts of Corfe Castle under canvas and cooking most of their meals on wood fires.

The adventure included taking part in the ‘Basha Award’ which was their own take on a bushcraft exercise that was developed by Birmingham Scouts. Over 24 hours the Scouts built shelters with ponchos, cooked Mullet and Venison on an open fire, foraged for food, made gadgets and utensils for their campsites and had to keep their fires going for 24 hours, with the final part of the award being they had to keep a signal fire going for 3 minutes and be rescued.

Other activities included their very own ‘Apprentice Challenge’ where the Scouts had to collect or buy 50 items including; a Geranium plant, a coin, a cat, a ferry ticket and many other obscure and random objects. Their adventure took them on foot from Corfe Castle to Swanage along footpaths. They were scored on how little money they used to accomplish the task and the number of items found.

All the Scouts made it back with the Merlin’s Patrol led by Alex, just winning and the Kestrels led by Daisy being ‘fired’!

The annual Spadger Trophy was won by the Kestrels Patrol. This trophy is awarded for gaining the most points from the camp overall; a culmination of camping skills, cooking, inspections and the Apprentice Challenge.

This camp is just one many activities that Bathampton Scout reguarly take part in. To find out more, and join us on our next big adventure, as an adult or a youth member, get in touch today!

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