Bathampton Scouts In Camping Success


Our Scout Troop have just returned from an action packed Scout Camp held near Frome over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The young people, ranging in age from 10 ½ to 14 years old, camped in Patrols under canvas, cooked their own meals on a wood fires and practiced Scout Craft skills led by their Patrol Leaders. The various skills and results of their cooking were judged over the weekend, leading to the Eagles Patrol winning the coveted Spadger Trophy for camping.

The Troop also held a camp competition won by the Eagles followed closely by the Merlins. The competition involved a series of challenges; some fun and some serious, many of which could be completed as either a Patrol or as individuals. These included naming the parts of an axe, identifying edible plants, passing the whole Patrol though an A4 piece of paper and writing a postcard home.

Other activities included a night hike to Great Elm and a mini raft race where the Scouts built rafts and floated them down the stream.

Camping is just one of the many activities available to young people in Scouting. Want to know more? Get in touch to find out how to join us on our next adventure!

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