You can’t keep a good Scout down – even in lockdown! A parent’s letter

My son joined the 28th Bathampton Scouts in February. He eagerly anticipated a summer of campfires, hiking, bush craft in the woods and making new friends.

A month later, like everyone else, we were in lockdown under strict instructions to stay home. How on earth could Scouts carry on under those conditions? Their motto might be “Be Prepared!” but no-one could have envisaged in January that we would be where we are in May.

Turns out, you can’t keep a good Scout down – even in lockdown. Scout groups have been Zooming with the best of them – conducting quizzes, cooking classes and even treasure hunts online! At the 28th, they have been working on their chef, artist, communicator, electronics, sports and first aid skills, earning no less than 17 badges between them.

In all this, they have learnt essential life skills as demonstrated by their leaders – resilience in adversity, thinking on your feet and making the very best of less than ideal circumstances. Whatever the future has in store, this next generation couldn’t be getting a better preparation. Thank you Scouts!
– A Scout Parent

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