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19 Jul 2011

Last Friday saw the annual awards ceremony for the Troop and the awarding of our first ever Chief Scouts Gold Awards to members of the 28th. Ethan and Tom were both presented with engraved zippos for completing all of the Scout Challenge Badges as part of their Gold Award.  Ethan also picked up the Scout of The Year plaque for all his efforts in leading his Patrol and his input into the Troop including the design of this website.
Ethan was given a copy of Bear Grylls – our Chief Scout’s- new book …

14 Jul 2011

Jim recently became the first Scout from Bathampton to receive his ‘Small Holder’s Badge’.
This is what Jim had to say about how he got the badge:
“I started my plot in March. I dug up the whole plot so I could break large lumps, remove weeds and remove rocks. I then raked the plot so the soil rocks where very small and the land was flat. I used a plank to draw straight trenches, where I would plant my seeds. After dropping the seeds from a close distance (because otherwise they …