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7 Jun 2012

Bathampton Scouts followed in the footsteps of their Chief Scout – Bear Grylls – famed for his survival and TV programmes.
The Scouts aged 10 ½ to 15 spent 4 evenings at on the outskirts of Bath, leaning how to make penny stoves using old cans and then boiling water on them to make their hot drinks. The Scouts learnt different types of fire lighting methods including a fire bow, flint and striker and how to make feather sticks and how fire is used for cooking, signalling, warmth and light.
Each week …

15 Apr 2012

Not a grizzly bear but their Chief Scout – Bear Grylls – famed for his survival and bushcraft TV programmes. Leaders from across Bath joined Explorer and Network Scouts aged 14-25 for a course on bushcraft with Steve and other experienced Instructors from on the outskirts of Bath. Skills included shelter building with natural materials and tarps. The different fire lighting techniques including a bow drill, flint and striker and the various types of tinder to use to light a fire. The various ways of collecting water and purifying it. …

22 Aug 2011

For the second year running, Scouts from Bathampton joined Hampshire Explorer Scouts and their Leaders at the annual Wilderness Gathering in Wiltshire. The Gathering is one of the few events nationally just for people who enjoy all things bushcraft and brings all sorts of experts in from knife makers, to trackers and basket weavers.

The Scouts watched or took part in all sorts of activities including fire lighting, bow fires, gutting rabbits, treasure hunts, bivi building, campfire singing as well as looking around all the trade stands. To find out more …