Each Scout Troop is split up into smaller Groups and these are called Patrols. Each Patrol has a Patrol leader (PL) and a Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) who manage their Patrols on week night and on camps.

There are currently five Patrols in the Scout Troop at Bathampton which are; the Merlin’s, the Eagles, the Hawks, the Ospreys and the Kestrels. We have traditionally named our Patrols after birds of prey however other Troops can name their Patrols after many different wild animals or colours.

Being in a Patrol gives an opportunity for young people to learn and experience a wide range of skills including leadership, team Work, planning, problem solving, independence and to have a lot of fun with their friends.

Most of our activities and games are Patrol based and each year we have numerous inter-Patrol competitions, the highlight being the Spadger Trophy for the best Patrol on the weeks Troop Camp. We also have a Scout of the Year Trophy for the most outstanding Scout who has contributed the most to his or her Patrol and the Troop.