28th Scouts Return From Swedish Adventure

10 August 2011 written by : Ethan - Assistant Scout Leader and Webmaster

Ethan, Tom, Josh and Simon have just returned from an action packed trip to the 22nd World Jamboree in Sweden.  The three Scouts were part of Avonsaurus Contingent made up of 36 Scouts from across Bristol and Bath.  Simon was a member of the International Staff team which helps run the camp. All of them had been selected 18 months ago and then trained for this prestigious event that is only held every four years.

They joined 4,000 other Scouts from across the UK and 34,000 others from nearly every country in the world for  two weeks of activities, fun and making new
friends,  camping on a former airbase just outside the village of Rinkaby in South Sweden.


The UK Scouts flew first to Denmark for three days in Copenhagen for sightseeing and a massive party with live  bands. From there they went onto Sweden for a week of activities including a mini camp with Swedish Scouts, events  based around global development, quests, people and the environment. The Scouts saw adventurer Bear Grylls – the  UK’s Chief Scout – abseiling onto a stage during the opening ceremony to present the World Scout Flag to the  Swedish Scouts.

The King of Sweden also attended speaking to many of the Scouts and camped one night with them.

The Jamboree ended with a large concert and the band – Europe playing ‘The Final Countdown’. The Scouts then flew on to Lisbon in Portugal for a few days staying in a Scout HQ, exploring and resting on the beach. Ethan said of the Jamboree ‘ This was a once in a lifetime’s experience, there were more countries represented here than at the Olympics’, everyday I met someone new and tried a new activity, one day I made nettle string and another day I tried the Finnish Sauna.’